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Paul Lowry & Cedric Benson inviting you to a Lunch & Learn Educational Program on Reverse Mortgages
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Hello. Here’s the information we want to share with you and thanks for spending some time talking with me the other day. I’m Cedric and this is Paul and we are Reverse Mortgage Specialists of California.

What we’re going to share with you; what we hope to educate your patrons about is how to have an improved quality of life. Programs that may assist them to age in place, how to improve their cash flow especially if they’re on a fixed income, and possibly give them a better financial future for better financial security in the future so they don’t have to become a burden on their children.

Exactly, and like Paul said why use us when other people do this as well? Here’s a few good reasons: While some people dabble in this, Paul and I have been doing this for a long time and this is over 80 percent of our overall business. Also, we have extensive education from some of the leaders in the industry which will make sure that we give the seniors in your group the most up-to-date information possible on this product, and we have relationships with multiple lenders that only specialize in reverse mortgages so ultimately when we’re done, your patrons will be better educated about possible options available to them and most importantly they’ll have a future resource with someone they can call when they have questions.

Look forward to really doing this lunch and learning with you and creating an ongoing relationship. See you soon.

Enrich your members with our lunch and learn program at your location.

Our traveling presentation provides lunch while we educate the participants on how they might better:

  • Age In Place
  • Improve Monthly Cash Flow (Especially Helpful on Fixed Incomes)
  • Create A Financial Safety Net
  • Be A Savvier Consumer
  • Have A Resource Should They Have Future Questions.

Our goal is simply to educate seniors about the potential benefits of a reverse mortgage, dispel misconceptions many have, and provide access to experts should they have future questions.


What Makes Our Lunch and Learn’s Better?

  • If you have any type of mailer (like an event calendar), we can provide inserts, and/or partner with you to offset costs of the mailer, or can complete a mailer on your behalf.
  • We can provide post ready content for your website to promote the event (or a simple link if you would like to write your own content).
  • Using our own data, we will send out a mailer to other seniors nearby to bring awareness of your facility and the event.
  • Anonymous comment cards give us valuable feedback which allows us to refine the presentation. (Please note while the cards we deliver are anonymous, there is a portion on it where the participant can leave their information should they desire additional information or contact).


A little about us:

Reverse Mortgage Specialists of California (RMSOC) is a dba of Zoom Mortgage Pros, Inc., and reverse mortgages are our sole focus.

Paul and Cedric (who come out for the event) are specialists in reverse mortgages. Their extensive training and experience in this unique product allow them to provide the most up to date information regarding benefits, regulations, underwriting, etc.

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