A Winning Combination For Corona - Zoom Mortgage Pros" /> A Winning Combination For Corona - Zoom Mortgage Pros" />

CENTENNIAL H. S. & ZOOM MORTGAGE PROS, INCA Winning Combination For Corona

Young adults at job interview.

Since we live, shop, and have our offices here in Corona, it is only natural we at Zoom Mortgage would want to improve the lives of our neighbors and our neighborhoods. We believe one of the best ways to ensure a better future for our community is supporting local youth in sports and education.

As such, Zoom Mortgage Pros is proud to contribute to Centennial High School Husky’s athletics.

Additionally, we provide a non-athletic based perpetual scholarship to a deserving and needing senior starting in 2023 (details announced soon).

Those that have done business with us, know we beat most big box bank rates. We also make the process extremely simple and create lifelong relationships; to us, you are more than an account number or a single transaction.

Save money and have a better experience with a local company that supports the community, truly a win that would even make the Husky’s proud.

Reach out to us if we can answer any questions.

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