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We Just Got Them Approved For Their Dream Home And We Can Do The Same For You

As a consumer purchasing a home, you have the right to work with any broker or lender you choose.  In our opinion Mortgage Brokers are much better to work with than a direct lender or bank.

The best time to partner with a loan broker or their agents is prior to consulting a real estate agent. This way you know exactly how much home you can afford before you start looking.


There are no checks and balances when one purchases a car.  If you say you can afford the payment and your credit is strong enough to get approved, you can purchase whatever car you want.

House shopping is not like that. If a bank is going to lend you that amount of money, they want to know you have the work history, income, proper debt levels, and credit history to be successful.


We find the best real estate loan program for your purchase or refinance and handle everything from our initial conversation through closing and funding.

Partnership & Preparation

Once we understand your goals, we can begin to strategize with you, educate, and prepare you for the process. We evaluate your situation and advise on what we should do prior to us presenting your application to our wholesale lenders.

Not only do we partner with you, but we partner with your real estate agent to keep everyone in the loop and make you successful once you find the right home.

Offers That Win

The weakest link in any real estate transaction is the financing. In most residential contracts, the buyers have 21 days to back out of the transaction if their financing falls through.

Sellers’ agents know this, and the last thing they want is for their client to get three weeks into an escrow only to have the deal fall apart. 

Most offers include a “Pre-Qualified” letter meaning an loan agent or lender has taken a look at your financial information and based on his opinion you are qualified.

However, it is also understood in the industry that a “Pre-Qualified Letter”, “is a document from a lender stating that the lender is tentatively willing to lend to you, up to a certain loan amount. This document is based on certain assumptions, and it is not a guaranteed loan offer.” (

We up your game by providing your lender with a DU Approval (also known as a Direct Underwrite or Day One Certainty) to include on your offer.

A DU Approval means the automated system Fanny Mae uses to quickly determine whether a borrower complies with a lender’s or investor’s lending guidelines and requirements has affirmed you are qualified (and approved based on conditions).  A Fanny Mae DU approval tells the seller you are legit and have the horsepower to move forward.


We are proactive on your loan. Usually by the time you are under contract, we have only the appraisal and some legal disclosures to handle. We are usually ready to fund your transaction days before your escrow is scheduled to close. If we are not, it is usually because we are waiting for something from our clients (that would be you…. ).


Our systems are set up to provide milestone updates to you and those involved with your transaction, and these updates often have a link to a short educational video explaining what the milestone we achieved was, why it was important, and what the next steps are.


During the process, we develop a bond with our clients, and visa versa, in short you become part of our growing family. As such we will keep you up to date with the mortgage industry, provide ongoing suggestions on how to maximize your financial well being and your wealth.